MediaCP - What's this?

As part of our passion to deliver outstanding products that innovate and revigorate the industry, we're constantly investing in new products to offer to our clients. Over the past 6 months, we've introduced Alexa skills, AzuraCast services, video streaming and so much more.

Today, we're introducing another control panel, MediaCP. This is a control panel which has been built from the ground-up. Made for a range of broadcasters, this is a great control panel no matter the scale of your radio station. This new control panel is available now for all of our existing shared streaming plans. View more sneak previews of MediaCP below!

Build your own HTML5 player that you can embed directly on your website!

Build your playlists ready to broadcast to your listeners!

Allow your DJ's access to your stream/control panel and set their own permissions.

Interested in ordering a MediaCP plan? Click here!

MediaCP - What's this?
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