Introducing... streamerr.

When we first opened our doors, all the way back in 2013, we were a group of kids in our bedrooms looking for something to do. To be fair, not much has changed in that regard - we're all a bit older and we tend to work from our office (or home offices) now!

2021 has brought with it a wealth of change for - we've had new staff join, old staff leave. We've introduced a few minor changes to our name such as the 'by Unmuted' suffixed onto our name, in addition to some colour changes across the website. This was all completed with a previously announced rebrand in mind... but something didn't quite feel right.

Today, we're announcing our NEW rebrand strategy. We will be formally rebranding to 'streamerr.' over the coming weeks & months. We can't wait to share our plans with you all. This is hugely exciting news for our team & clients alike - but, we understand you may have a couple of questions!

There's two possible reactions to this news:
1. Right? So how does this affect me?
2. Are you going somewhere? What happens to my services? Will I have to pay more?

We think both are fairly reasonable reactions and we're going to address them both.

First of all, don't worry. Nothing is going to change. The same team will continue to offer your services as we have done for years prior to this change. We still have the same passions & aims to provide high quality streaming services to everybody. All of your services will remain the same, nothing is going away and nobody has purchased us in some sort of deal. We're still owned by the same group of broadcasters with passion. Our pricing & product structure will stay the exact same as it has been.

We'll be introducing a shiny new website & billing area, as well as a wealth of new products that have been requested previously.

We think that in order to move forward and continue to offer exceptional services to our clients, we must take this step to establish our unique identity.

Our domain, will continue to work and bring you to our website - as well as our other domains pointing to our servers. We're working to bring them under a new domain too, but these things take time! Some things may still currently exist with our old name and branding, we're working to slowly bring everything over to our new name to get everyone used to it!

As always, should you have any questions -- please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us. We're always here to help. We'll be sending more updates out via email and social media over the next few weeks as we start our migration into our new brand. We're so glad you can join us on this journey - there's some exciting times ahead!

Aaron Gregory
Company Director

Introducing... streamerr.
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