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Yesterday, we announced that we were going to begin offering small amounts of AzuraCast servers to existing clients. This is due to the ongoing battles we have on a daily basis with Centova regarding their software. AzuraCast is a brilliant new piece of software, which is open-source, meaning we can add customisations as required. It supports SHOUTcast V2 and Icecast streaming using Liquidsoap Auto DJ software. This blog post details just a few enhancements that Azura contains as opposed to it's competitor.

Intuitive Auto DJ
AzuraCast has a great Auto DJ system with a fantastic user interface. Playlists can be created with a variety of options to achieve the sound you want.


Stylish Player
A fully hosted & embeddable player with song history and PLS file download. Automated song requests can be used if you wish, however this is a feature that can be disabled if not required.


Advanced Media Manager
Have full control over your Auto DJ music tracks. Use the built-in visual cue point editor to control when your media starts/crossfades & stops.


Web DJ System
Need to go on air but not sure on what software to use? Test drive the system with a fully functional automatic web streaming programme.


Native Integration
Built-in features that allows integration with the TuneIn Air API, Twitter, Discord & Telegram. Easy, simple & included.


Informative Statistic Reporting
Access reports on your listener activity easily - more information you could ever need allows you to track listener metrics.


Interested in placing an order for your AzuraCast service? Order here!

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